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"Fantastic resources, amazing feedback, and lots of opportunities for our children to grow and progress."
- Mary


What regions are PAUA operating in?
Tauranga, Taupo, Turangi, Napier, Woodville, Pahiatua, Dannevirke, Wairarapa, Kapiti Coast, Taranaki, Wanganui, Palmerston North and Christchurch at the moment. We are continually expanding to new regions as the demand dictates.
Who founded PAUA and why?
Raewyn Overton-Stuart started PAUA with a dream to provide quality in-home childcare, just like she had when growing up in rural Canterbury. The rest is history!
What makes PAUA unique when compared with other home based childcare providers?
All homebased Early Childhood services need to adhere to the same regulations and legislation. However the ‘flavour’ of each service can be different. Our passion is quality for all children, and their unique place in their family/whanau. To this end we involve whanau wherever possible (one tangible way is our photographic learning stories are not only put in a child’s profile folder but also another copy is posted directly to parents each month).
We provide quality educational resources which are chosen according to children’s interests and development level. These are changed frequently. We also provide great support/training for our Educators and monthly reports following their own learning journey.
We are passionate about provide quality care, particularly in rural and isolated settings.
Parents pay Educators directly, and Educators set their own rate according to their experience and qualifications. PAUA provides administrative support (particularly with WINZ and 20 Hours ECE payments, but does not charge for this).
What are the advantages of home based childcare over childcare centres?
Homebased education means your child can have the same preschool start that you may have had – at home with your mum! Low ratios, having one primary caregiver, having more access to community outings all combine to provide your child with a great start.
What support do you offer parents?
Your Visiting Teacher is happy to discuss your child’s progress with you at any stage, particularly if you have a question following receipt of one of the learning stories.
PAUA provides Parenting magazine and Grapevine magazines to both parents and educators as a way of supporting positive family values.
Can anyone put their preschoolers in PAUA care?
Yes, as long as you pay for the care your Educator provides!
Do I have to place my child in care for a minimum number of hours?
Research shows that 20 hours per week is an optimum number of hours for care (hence 20 Hours ECE programme), however some Educators have spaces for children receiving 9 hours WINZ subsidy.
Does the child care take place at my home or at someone else’s?
It can happen at either. However, if it happens at your home you are in effect having a nanny and this will be reflected in their hourly rate.
How much will it cost me to put my child into PAUA care?
PAUA Educators set their own rates, the current average would be $5.00 per hour, though it varies from $4.00 – $8.50.
Are there any hidden costs?
There are no further administration costs; PAUA operates solely on the funding received from the Ministry of Education.
Dependant on the weekly programme your Educator offers, or the activities you would like you child taken to, there could be costs involved (eg Mainly Music, gym etc) but these will be discussed on enrolment, and during the course of care. If you have any questions, you can ring your Visiting Teacher or Head Office.
Can I get a WINZ subsidy or 20 Hours ECE through PAUA?
Yes, as long as you are eligible we offer both. You can read more about WINZ and 20 Hours ECE on our website.
What about OSCAR care?
We would love to provide OSCAR, however the current legislation for OSCAR means there no more homebased providers are being approved. We are lobbying to get this changed and would welcome feedback and support. You can send us emails via our contact page.
If my mother or any of my relatives look after my children on a regular basis, can they enrol as an Educator?
Yes, as long they meet all the legislation and PAUA policies and procedures.
How do I become an Educator?
We would like to know more about you! So once you have filled out a query form, we will send you an application pack which you can fill out and send back to head office. We will then get a local Visiting Teacher to meet with you and work through the rest of the process with you.
How old do I have to be to become an Educator?
Under the old Licensing Criteria you had to be over 20 years of age however this has now changed to over 17 years of age. We prefer our Educators to be over 20 years of age but if you are very keen please get in touch with us to discuss your aspirations.
Are all Educators police checked?
Absolutely! But more than that, we wouldn’t take you to an Educator that our Visiting Teachers wouldn’t feel comfortable in placing their own child or grandchild with.
What support do you offer the Educators?
Educators are assigned a Visiting Teacher who walks the journey with them. The Visiting Teacher has regular contact (both phone and visits) to provide support, advice and encouragement. PAUA Head Office also provides some administrative support.
What happens if parents don’t pay?
Care needs to stop, until the payment arrangements have been made. PAUA Head Office will help with debt collection and Educators are encouraged to contact us as soon as a payment is missed.
How much does it cost to become an Educator with PAUA?
The only costs to become an Educator would be any purchases that you need to make to ensure that your home environment meets that Health and Safety standards we require.
Does an Educator have to have any formal qualifications?
No, it’s not a requirement, but many of our Educators do have qualifications and we encourage Educators to do some training. All our Educators need to have First Aid Training which PAUA provides every few months.
What training do your Visiting Teachers have?
All our Visiting Teachers are qualified Early Childhood Teachers who are registered with the New Zealand Teachers Council.